Welcome Winter… Preparations begin!

Did you know the Earth is closest to the Sun in December, although December has the shortest days?

Winter 01

And so we say farewell to Autumn in time to greet Winter. The scents are very similar, only heavier. Maybe it’s’ because there’s more fog, the air is cutting our nostrils and it’s colder. The colours have faded, frost and hoarfrost started to embrace the plants and trees, it all looks a little bit mystical. It seems the plants are taking a rest. We’ll leave them be on their deserved rest and we’ll engage ourselves 🙂

Winter 02

Winter 03

Christmas is coming in full speed, and we started taking out decorations and searching for inspiration to have the most beautiful holidays. We like a lot of things. We love minimalism and luxury, artificial and natural. Colourful and decent. As always, we tried to find balance, and this is a little sneak peak in our home decorations and home atmosphere…

Winter 04

What do you like? What makes you joyful? Which cookies do you like best?

Winter 05

Winter 06

We used the gingerbread and linzer cookies recipes (in our own modest realization) from these beautiful gastro blogs written in Croatian that we love and follow. Gingerbread cookies for a scented Christmas (LikeChocolate) and Special: 10 ideas for holiday cookies (Domaćica)