A sunny morning in Samobor

Samobor 11

Our small, but happy company of three Ms and one V made its way to the town of Samobor on Saturday morning. A legend says that Samobor was named after the fact that only pines grew in the forests around town (samo = only, just; bor = pine). We’re not sure that’s true, but we find that word play cute. What’s certain is that Samobor was proclaimed as one of the free royal cities by the charter of King Bela IV in 1242.

Samobor 16

Samobor 20

We find it beautiful and enjoy every visit. We were lucky with the weather and got to enjoy a true spring day. The Sun gave us a boost of energy and positive thoughts, the desire to create and enjoy.

Samobor 44

Samobor 45

Samobor 17

Since we arrived during the carnival, we gave ourselves a treat – donuts. Samobor is famous for its delicious donuts and the carnival festivities. While we were munching on a stroll through Samobor main square, lots of trolls, police officers, princesses, cats, cowboys and superheroes were running around and making funny children noise. And it was super fun! Everything’s nicer and loads of fun with children laughter.

Samobor 12

Samobor 48

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There’s a lot to see in Samobor and its surroundings. The town itself, a lovely walking trail by the stream which leads towards the old Town. Perhaps you might consider visiting the museums. Since there are plenty of events and manifestations, you can follow them here: Events and happenings in Samobor. We like drinking coffee at Livadić castle which has the most romantic terrace, especially in the summertime. We can hardly wait!

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Samobor 01

On our way home on Saturday, we stopped by the Fairytale Mill (Mlin iz bajke). We wished to see the mill in action, buy some flour and taste some delights, but unfortunately we were late to find they’re currently working solely upon reservations. We took some time to explore and were overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature around us. Our short and sweet trip was just what we needed, we relaxed and had a great time. We’ll make sure to visit the Gorgos cave and the old Town on our next trip to Samobor and we won’t wait long before we come back.

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