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That time of the year…. February… the kittens are playful, the winter’s slowly fading away. We’re hoping for nicer weather and calling on the spring… and of course, at some point, the day when everybody’s buying presents and celebrating love has slowly sneaked up on us. But how did it all start?

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The celebration of Valentine’s Day began in the early Middle Ages, particularly in England and then throughout the world. It’s related to pagan customs and Valentine’s engagement regarding young couples. Christianity fits the customs of different nations and societies in the new Christian life of these nations. So the custom of celebrating lovers was in form of exchanging letters and love messages.

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The ancient Greeks marked the sanctity of marriage of Zeus and Hera from mid-January to mid-February (the month Gamelion). In ancient Rome the celebration of the goddess Juno – the patroness of marriage was held on February the 14th, and February the 15th was the day when Lupercus, god of fertility, was celebrated and on the occasion people have exchanged letters and messages.

And what do we think of Valentine’s Day? We are the kind of people who love giving meaning to everything we do, think and live. So we like having one day which celebrates love. Love in itself, beautiful, natural, pure and simple. Maybe anniversaries will come to your mind now. We like them too. But it’s just not the same or we just like having one more day to give over to love again, to daydreaming, maybe even dare to write a letter to a secret crush. And although Valentine’s Day has an ugly side, the inevitable commercialization and clich√© around every corner, we still love it. It is important to know what it means to us personally and have our own unique way of celebrating love. We love to write letters. Give a chocolate, be silly… And who says it’s only for couples? Give your love wings and do the same for everything else you love. We love you <3

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