International Women’s Day – #BeBoldForChange

International Women's Day 02

Dear all, today we take it upon ourselves to be exclusionary. Today is one of the rare, but important days for women and those that feel like women – International Women’s Day. Although it’s mostly taken lightly and diminished, we believe that at least once a year it’s necessary to pay our respect, both publicly and privately, to all our female role models, historical personalities, heroes that paved the way for modern times, artists that haven’t been noted in books, but also to ourselves.

International Women's Day 06

International Women’s Day originates from the early 20th century when textile workers publicly protested against poor working conditions and low wages. It’s a historic Day when we celebrate the economic, political and social contribution of women. Unfortunately, throughout the years, it seems we forgot the real reason to celebrate International Women’s Day under the influence of western consumerism, making it into another Valentine’s Day or just a day for men to present gifts to women. We want you to know that we’re celebrating because we cherish and appreciate you, because it’s important to us that you’re heard, important that it’s known how much you matter, the social burden you bear is recognized and how important are your accomplishments.

International Women's Day 12

This is the Day that we thank our mothers, grandmothers, bosses, professors, shop assistants, tram drivers, women working in poor conditions, writers and artists, housewives and homemakers, sisters and cousins, young and old (…) for their time, effort, intellect, kindness and affection, righteousness and strength.

International Women's Day 14

We’re celebrating by giving each other (and to women we hold dear) a flower, a hug and kind words we often forget to say each other throughout the year.

So don’t forget the Day today, celebrate it with pride because, my dear, you’ve earned it. Hug and support each other.

International Women's Day 15

All the love,

M & M