His Majesty – the ginger

We could as well start this post with zzz… but still. After all the rushing around in December, all the glitter, parties and socializing, the infamous, depressing January has come. For some because of their bank statements, the others because of viruses and the end of school holidays. Although, we don’t incline to dark thoughts, we have to admit we are kind of sleepy. The everyday imposes it’s rhythm which we, wanted or not, have to follow, but as soon as we close our house doors, our thoughts become slower, and all we think about is a couch, and getting cozy underneath the blanket, napping with a book and a cup of tea.

Ginger 01

Except for the overall fall of energy, the first month of the year is very well known for flue times. To knock on wood (of course we knock on our heads) we manage to resist all the viruses and bacteria, of course, nothing without the wholehearted help of nature. Besides citrus, in winter (maybe not just winter), the ginger is our number one favourite. We’re crazy about ginger in all forms. So this post is dedicated exactly to it – ginger.

Ginger is a bulbous plant of the lily family known for its roots. For the record, lilies are M.’s favorite flowers which is a nice coincidence. It is used as a medicine, spice, food and means of beautification.

Ginger 03

It has bitter taste due to the essential oils contained in its roots and has numerous health benefits. It helps with problems with the stomach and digestion, as well as nausea. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties. It is also anti-histamine and is used to help with allergies. It relieves cough, sore throat and has anti-inflammatory properties and is used against many inflammatory processes. It also lowers cholesterol, prevents blood clots and has a beneficial effect on the liver.

We can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t start using it, if you haven’t already.

And you can even grow it at home. It happened to us one time, by accident, when we forgot about it in a dish and totally out of the bloom, beautiful leaves started to grow from the root, no soil, no water. And you can plant it, in a pot, just put a little piece of root in the soil. Try it, it will grow surely, and you will feel fantastic for having your own grown beautiful plant.

Ginger 02

Since the last post, we owe you a simple but compelling recipe, and it comes straight from Island where, in the shape of a cake, was made by Tihana for our New Year’s party. Of course we geekly wrote it down. So… here it comes:


500 gr flour
500 ml water
100 ml oil
2 small spoons baking powder
ginger by taste (one big root)
lemon juice 1 big lemon
350 g sugar
1 big spoon apple vinegar

Mix together all ingredients and bake at 175 C approximately 30 mins, depending on the oven. Before serving top with grated lemon zest, ginger and powder sugar. And, of course, enjoy!

Ginger 04