About us

Noise Reduction is a small creative team whose main focus is photography and, as of lately, writing a lifestyle blog. With substantial experience in family photography, as well as photography of various events, commercial and artistic photography, articles on art and culture, art project management and web design, we have finally found our place under the sun in form of playing, laughter, emotion, in form of tiny details that fill us with joy as we record them either in photography or in written form.

Having found the pace of life too fast and stressful, the tempo dictated by modern society simply elusive, we decided to take a step back so as to observe and embrace the little things, and to apply this way of thinking to our creative work. Taking portraits, photos of babies and children, of families and moments of joy, traveling, and other experiences always creates new inspiration within us. We become happier, more fulfilled and more curious with each new photo session and blog post.

Whether you require a photo shoot, an advice, or merely wish to comment on an article, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you and look forward to meeting you.

Your Noise Reduction team

Martina Mihaljević
Martina Mihaljević – founder, lead photographer and blogger
Marina Drviš
Marina Drviš – blogger
Tihana Franković Kralj
Tihana Franković Kralj – translator, foreign correspondent and photographer
Mirta Jurilj
Mirta Jurilj – lector and translator
Marin Bakarić Smilevski
Marin Bakarić Smilevski – web design